What Our Students Are Saying

Clara Hooton

Soprano - Vocalist Music Major

There are so many things I love about the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts. I mean I could go on and on, but for now I will stick to just a few highlights. One of those being that the class sizes are small. This is such a big deal when it comes to your personal musical development. I always feel comfortable asking questions and I have access to amazing professors and facility who are always willing to help in any way they can. Another thing I love about the School of the Arts in the number of opportunities you get to grow and preform. There is always some type of musical event going on that you can be a part of or even just attend and that is such a vital part about what helps make you a well-rounded musician. I am so glad that I can be a part of such an awesome school!

Gretchen Wedertz

Pianist Piano Major

The IU South Bend music department has been pivotal in my music career. Each faculty member is always willing to help with any questions or concerns I may have and they always make time for students. Whether you are a singer or instrumentalist, IUSB has a wide variety of highly qualified professors that have perfected their craft and are ready to help you with your college journey. Without the professors in the music department at IU, I would not have had the opportunity to perform in Carnegie Hall, play with local symphonies, and get the connections I need to jumpstart my career.

Dylan Engquist Bajo

Pianist Piano Major

IU South Bend is a great place to pursue your music career. It combines the expertise and professionalism of world-renowned faculty with the one on one experience of a small campus and a tightly knit artistic community that offers many opportunities to young artists. Particularly in the Piano Department, Ketevan Badridze is an amazing teacher, with whom I've advanced my technique and expressiveness on the piano a great deal.

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